AFGE Firefighters At A Glance

The AFGE Firefighters Council consists of all members of AFGE who occupy positions in the federal fire service.  It is established to represent the interests of its members by fostering and maintaining relationships with policy-makers in the Executive Branch and with Legislators who support issues of concern to its members.  It serves as a forum for members to raise issues and to ask and have answered questions concerning their employment as firefighters.  It strives to provide relevant resources to its members and, its structure is designed to facilitate communications among and between federal firefighters. 

The Council’s objectives include:

The Council is not a bargaining council and cannot negotiate or enter into agreements on behalf of its members.  Its officers are full-time firefighters who are not entitled to official time for the purpose of representing firefighters.  Its funding is provided from the general funds of AFGE in a limited amount including an amount to retain legal counsel for the primary purpose of providing legal opinions on questions raised by Council members.  The Legal Counsel’s retainer does not cover services for handling grievances, arbitration and court cases but does cover providing general assistance and advice to a local that is pursuing those matters.